The St. Matthew's Chamber Orchestra photographed by Charles Brooks.
Portrait of Countertenor Stephen Diaz seated in the Auckland Opera Studio
Maestro Eduardo Strausser, conducting in the Teatro de Sao Paulo in Brazil, photographed by Charles Brooks
Jose Assis in Minas Gerais Brazil, playing the trumpet
Pianist Floating above a grand piano at Auckland's Piano Traders
OSESP principal flautist, Brazil.
Maestro Michelangelo Mazza on a chair studying a book with a levitating baton, photographed in Sao Paulo by Charles Brooks.
Carlita Arantxa Serón Ramos, cellist in Chile.
David Squire, New Zealand Conductor
Andrew Melville in a pool on a swan with sunglasses and scarf blowing in the wind.
Bassonist Ben Hoadley surrounded by Kauri trees which have bassoon keys on them.
Duo Harpiola. Viola and Harp duo based in Minas Gerais. Photographed in the UNESCO heritage site of Ouro Preto in Brazil, with dresses flying and dramatic blue and yellow lighting.
The musicians of the cello and violin duo Ayous floating in a room in Sao Paulo. Cello and violin duo based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Ella Xunhua Zhou, concert pianist, China. Photographed in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Shown levitating over a broken piano.
Elizabeth Lau, conductor, holding a floating baton. Mozart Requiem in the background.
Sarah McCracken, assistant principal of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, photographed by Charles Brooks on Ladies Bay in Auckland, New Zealand
Conductor Uwe Grodd with a bright swirl of orange light behind him. Photographed by Charles Brooks in the Auckland Town Hall, New Zealand.
The breathtaking Evelyn Almeida Carmo, violinist from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Milena Salvatti, cellist in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Elizabeth Lau, conductor, holding a floating baton.
Marissa Holder with projected and natural light
Simone Roggen playing violin with Kohimarama in the background.
Alessandra Fiorinda Giovannoli, Italian cellist in Spain, sitting on a sofa
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