Fine Photography for Professional Musicians...

Bespoke photos for classical musicians and ensembles. 

My photos are designed to attract discerning audiences, sponsors, and agents that are genuinely excited about classical music.

  • Large portrait photos for highly visible concert promotions, both online and printed.
  • Dramatic headshots for online biographies, CD inserts, or printed programs.
  • CD Covers that clearly resonate with the personality of your group.
  • Customised photographs based on specific musical works or genres. 

Photographer Charles Brooks is a cellist with decades of experience in some of the world's top orchestras and opera houses. He is as passionate about classical music as you are, and has a depth of understanding about classical music that no other photographer can match.

High production, cinema-like photography for dramatic performance artists:

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Above: Portrait of Maestro Eduardo Strausser

Used in major national and international ad campaigns by:
the Berner Symphonieorchester, Switzerland
the Teatro La Fenice, Italy
the Teatro Municipal de São Paulo, Brazil.

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