Pianist Floating
Brasilian violinist in Sao Paulo
Brasilian violinist in Sao Paulo
Headshot of conductor with floating baton and score in the background
Maestro Michelangelo Mazza on a chair studying a book with a levitating baton, photographed in Sao Paulo by Charles Brooks.
Ella Xunhua Zhou, concert pianist, China. Photographed in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Shown levitating over a broken piano.
The musicians of the cello and violin duo Ayous floating in a room in Sao Paulo. Cello and violin duo based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Harpist in Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Martin Tuksa. Conductor and violin soloist, originally from Vienna, now based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Violist, São Paulo, Brazil
Maestro Uwe Grodd, Conductor, New Zealand.
Jazz musicians in Auckland, New Zealand.
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